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Police 1013 - Police Simulator

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Like simulations? Want to be a Police Officer for a while with friends or alone? I'm looking forward to this game - Police 10-13 :)





What engine is Police 10-13 using?

Police1013 is currently using the cryengine 3. For more information on the cryengine 3, visit www.cryengine.com.

System Requirements?

No system requirements have been released yet.

What languages will Police 10-13 be supporting?

We have decided for now that we Will be adding language modules for Police1013 for it's actual release. The language modules that have been picked thus far are English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Swedish and Simplified Chinese. We're interested in any others you like might like to add. Let us know.

When is the game coming out?

Wingman Games has not yet given a specific date for release. We are aiming to have Police1013 completed in late 2015.

Where will Police 10-13 be set?

Police1013 will be set in an open world city as well as country areas on a map called Metro.


The map is going to be completely customizable. The city is going to have a North American theme with road signs etc..

Is Police 10-13 going to be using Kickstarter or indiegogo?

Police10-13 will have it's early stages funded by Kickstarter. There has not yet been a date given for the start of the campaign.

How much is Police 10-13 going to cost?

At this time we do not know what the cost of the final release for Police1013.

Will there be microtransactions?


No! Police10-13 will have no microtransactions or pay to win system.

Will Police 10-13 be on next gen consoles?

We are happy to announce that Police 10-13 will become available on the PS4 and Xboxone.


However no dates have yet been said for the release of the console versions.

Will Police 10-13 have Multiplayer & Dedicated Servers?

Yes. Police1013 will be a Multiplayer game. Multiplayer mode is designed to be the key feature of the game. As a Police Officer you will be able to fight crime with fellow players and A.I. Police 10-13 will also have dedicated servers.Players will also be able to host and run their own dedicated servers.

Will there be Singleplayer?

Sure will! Currently, we plan on having two different modes of single player game play. The first is free mode, where you can do what you want, and set up patrols and do whatever you please! The second, is career mode. That will act almost exactly like Mutiplayer mode, but with all A.I instead of your fellow players as officers.

Will there be any other emergency services or police roles?

Wingman games are currently focusing very hard on the core aspect of the game which is to create an immersive police simulator. However, additional branches like EMT and Firefighting are being considered. Police1013 will offer a variety of law enforcement roles. Water police, K9 unit, SWAT, Undercover, narcotics division, homicide investigation unit, coroner and dispatch.

Weather & day/night cycles.

Police1013 is going have a range of weather effects. There will also of course be day/night cycles that you can set to with your current time zone.

What vehicles are going to be used?

Thus far, the Dodge Charger and the Crown Victoria are the only vehicle that have been confirmed so far. However, over time this list is going to grow. The cars will be fully detailed inside and out. Relevant parts of the vehicle will be usable by the player.


In first person view you will be able to interact with various assets and equipment inside the vehicle such as switches, knobs and computers. So we're doing a LOT of work to get these vehicles perfect. If like me you use devices such as TRACKIR then your experience will be so much better as you get to look around inside the car and use your mouse button to use each knob or button. Obviously you'll have hot keys as well for those that like a simple key command or sequence on your keyboard. Every vehicle in Police 1013 will be modable. Change the vehicle appearance to suit your preference so that your squad car is just right for you. We will include options for many different lighting bars, radars, radios, computers etc. All parts will be interchangeable so this will give you a sense of creating something unique every time you play.


Police10-13 will also have soft body physics. So all vehicles are going to have a realistic damage.

Customization & Modding.

Wingman games is fully supporting the modding community, and will be allowing the community to mod Police1013. Players will also have a range of tools to customize their Police force, from clan badges, clothing to the decal on your cruiser. Police1013 will also have a 'department system'. This will allow you to organzise your own police department as well as clan based systems including ranks and symbols. These departments will be given a host of their own features like tags, symbols, ranking titles and much, much more!


Your character will also have a range of customizable options. Fully rigged with multiple uniforms, vests, weapons and a full working and animated utilities belt. Every part of the Police Officer's belt can be customised to suit each player. The best part of the Utility Belt is that it will be usable, functional and it will be fully animated. No more bringing handcuffs out of thin air.

Will I be able to play as a criminal?

No. Police1013 is all about law enforcement.

Third person, or first person?

Police1013 will be first person and third person.

Will Police 10-13 have clan support?

Yes! Police 10-13 will support clans. With a large range of customizable tools.

Oculus Rift support?

Oculus rift support is something that Wingman games is interested in. However, we aren't at that phase of development yet,but it is something we will discuss when the time comes.

Will the Laws/Roadsigns be American?

The road signs on the street will be American, as the city "Metro" and it's countryside will be American based.


The laws will be based on current American statues.

How Big Will the Map Be?

''HUGE'' but we cannot confirm anymore than that at this time but what we can tell you is that the city will be called "Metro" and will have a surrounding countryside.

Can You Change Departments?

Yes, you will be able to change the department you are affiliated with in both Single and Multiplayer modes.




You can see some screenshots here:


Steam Greenlight :: POLICE 10-13 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=252178673


So you want to be a cop right? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll make you a great cop. We don’t expect much in return… just respect, honour and for you to look out for our citizens and protect our city streets from the thugs, murderers, theives, speeders, drug dealers, gangs, street walkers, and low lifes who think they’ll get away with things. There’s always something happening on the streets of Metro. If the City life isn’t your thing, then you can always get out of town where you can join the Sheriffs Highway Patrol, attend accidents, catch speeding vehicles, stop drink drivers.


If you still want to join the best Police District this side of the river, then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome aboard POLICE 10-13.


Police 1013 is currently in development through Wingman Games. Police10-13 is an open world game being developed on CryEngine3. If you think you've ever played a simulator like this before then you'd be wrong. Matt Norman, is an international award winning filmmaker. His current film Salute is signed with Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures, and it is this edge from a filmmakers perspective that will give Police1013 an incredible cinematic feel and mass appeal to a HUGE demographic.


Below is the list of items that have been green lit already in the game. The list is growing and will continue to grow with input from gaming fans at www.policesimulator1013.com where it's forum is buzzing with excitement.


As we are now moving into Pre-alpha, we hope to get your vote so that we can release the game right here on Steam.




* Spike Strips

* Road blocks

* Drink Driving Roadside testing

* Police Helicopters (Including winch system for Police Rescue)

* Numbers on Police Car roof tops (for Identification from air or 3d dispatch)

* Dispatch (Game inside a game)

* Clan Badge and uniform Patch changing mod.

* Modable characters, weapons and vehicles.

* Fully interactive Multiplayer Dispatch system.

* Fully interactive AI Single player dispatch system.

* Crime Scene tape.

* Coroner.

* Swat support.

* APB reporting of known criminals (Worldwide on a central computer server)

* Open World

* No mission single player. Fully interactive. World ongoing events.

* Homicide investigation Unit

* Crime Scene Investigation Unit.

* Dog Squad (K9 Unit) - With roaming K9 police dogs.

* Multicultural Officers.

* Police Ranking system.

* Tasers, batons, pepperspray.

* Multiplayer and AI Ambulance and Fire Department vehicles (Same Dispatch). Later Module you can pick to play in these roles.

* Water Police

* License Place readers in all police Vehicles.

* Police Undercover!

* Narcotics Division.



Other ideas we're working on include:


* Police Dash Camera - Record the events that happen.


This will give you as the player the ability to play it back to your friends through your onboard video player or put a car chase on youtube. We encourage proper police procedure while on duty. :)


More to come........


Police 1013, already has some of the worlds best known modellers carefully detailing the human and vehicle content. Peartvision and HKV Studios are on board to provide these realistic (almost photo-realistic) models for the game. Programmers from USA, Australia and New Zealand are also charged with the responsibility of bringing this game to life. This will all be carefully packaged together using the insane graphic and gaming engine CRYENGINE 3.


Matt Norman has already started testing the models in the CryEngine environment and the team are excited at what this game will bring to police simulator fans.


We are currently in heavy development and are going full steam (pardon the pun) ahead. Soon we'll start our seed funding through Kickstarter and have already gained interest from International Police Agency's to use the sim as an actual training sim. The most important thing for the Police 1013 team is the fact that this game will be the first of its kind to really make you feel like your part of the force. A unique and polished game that will bring Justice to a whole new level.


We hope you will support us as we develop the game to it's best potential. Keep updated on policesimulator1013.com


Thank you for taking the time to check us out.


Source: http://policesimulator1013.com/

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Guest Niknaks

WOOP WOOP the sound of the police!


Looks good, definitely something I could get into :)

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With the screenshots I think this would be a fun game to play. 100% behind it as I love these type of simulations and waiting for more news daily :)

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Some time ago I bought the domain police1013.com to create a fan site - with permission - for a Police game of the same name that is currently being developed. I love my emergency management and planning types of games and simulations and having been hooked on them since Hill Street Blues for the Commodore Amiga many years ago, I just wanted a bigger, modern and larger Police simulation for now - Police 1013 is it and it will even have multiplayer - This is no low budget development!


Hill Street Blues on the Commodore Amiga



Due to time and other commitments and with some people leaving the talkGEEK community who had initially offered to help with the site, I never had chance to really do anything with the domain so it finally ended up pointing to talkGEEK.


I was recently contacted by the game developer asking if they could use the domain to replace their rather long one. From the start the company and people creating this game have been open and honest about their plans and what they are doing, and they give out regular updates. I know many of us at talkGEEK love developers like that. Their polite request was immediately given a yes from me - I want this game to succeed and grow and it was the least I could do to help out and show that our talkGEEK Gaming Community is a great community of gamers dedicated to, well, good games and game developers. I have given them the domain.


They have now granted me a full copy of the game, all alpha and beta access, and access to all future DLC. They also gave me a nice big thank you on Facebook.


So once the domain resolves take a look and see what you think of the game - www.police1013.com ( Old site may still be active for a short time on www.policesimulator1013.com ). It would be nice to have a tGPD clan in multiplayer :)

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Guest Niknaks

Would be nice if we could all have alpha and beta access to - wink wink nod nod


I don't mind paying for the game when it comes out if I enjoy it, but a "here's some alpha / beta keys for your guys" would be great news for us moving forward into the testing realm as a community


Clearly not trying to exploit your generosity at all :)

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Well I could ask if a few people are interested. I now know you and [uSER=1422]@Gravedom[/uSER] are so I shall see if they can fire us some keys to give some feedback :)

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Guest Niknaks

sweet deal - I did alpha and beta testing for blizzard for all wow expansions + other games if they want my cv ;)

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